Sunday, May 25, 2008

Fiji may be a bit too relaxing...

Taylor played second fiddle in his Round 1 heat yesterday, but that may have actually had more to do with him being in Kelly Slater's heat than it did with his own performance. Kelly racked up a 19.8-something heat - which basically left Taylor needing two perfect 10 rides in order to win the heat.


But we can always count our lucky stars that he faces Rodrigo Dornelles in Round 2. I won't look past the Brazilian into Round 3 yet, but hopefully Taylor can demolish him and move on to get his revenge on his good buddy, Kelly later in the event.

The boys over at SURFING did a pretty good job of following Taylor and Kelly through the airports, water ferrys, and event at breakfast while traveling to Tavarua. Uber-photographer Steve Sherman even put together a cool photo gallery of Taylor and the boys.

Check it out HERE

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