Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Taylor & The Rip Curl Crew on

The boys over at Surfer have put up a new photo gallery all about the Rip Curl Search movie, and Taylor is featured in Chile. There are also a bunch of cold water shots of the Rip Curl crew, and in the Mentawais as well.

Check out all the photos HERE

Saturday, April 5, 2008

Next Chance: Tahiti

Well, Bells didn't exactly go as well as many of us would have liked it to for Taylor, but the good news is that Tahiti is the next stop on the World Championship Tour. After a great Tahiti result in 2006, (3rd place) Taylor got a bit of a wake-up call last year when he lost to Cory Lopez in Round 3.

This year, it's been widely documented that Taylor has been working super-hard at his backhand surfing, so again there are high hopes for him to do well at this event.

And thanks to a little prompting from a recent SURFER Magazine column, (more on that later), I'll be upping the ante from here on out.

How you ask?

By committing to 500 push-ups for each HEAT Taylor wins at the remaining events on tour this year. And as a kicker - I'll still donate 1000 push-ups on top of that total if he wins an event. So potentially, that's 4,000 push-ups if Taylor wins every one of his heats at an event.

Anybody else willing to step up?